Jamaica: ‘Save Our Nation’ – Outgoing PSOJ Boss Declares Increased Policing Not Enough To Bring End To Lawlessness, Prevent Total Anarchy

The apparent increased incidence of lawlessness and chaos on the roads has captured the attention of the powerful Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), which, yesterday, called for the Government and civil society to band together to find a solution.

In his departing message, the immediate past president of the PSOJ, Howard Mitchell, said it could not be business as usual going forward.

“Repression and increased policing could not be the only responses to this creeping decivilisation of our country. We must find the will to put aside differences in political interest and collaborate to save our nation by strengthening our institutions and implementing social reforms before we descend into total anarchy,” said Mitchell, who served for two terms before making way for Keith Duncan, group CEO, The JMMB Group, who was yesterday elected the 20th president of the PSOJ during a council meeting held at the organisation’s offices on Hope Road in St Andrew.

“In this regard, we support wholeheartedly the recent steps towards political bipartisan and civil society discussions on crime and violence and look forward to their progress. True economic sustainability will remain a pipe dream if we cannot address the social ills that are strangling our growth prospects,” said Mitchell.


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