Dominican Republic: Guilds warn there will be protests in the country

Representatives of professional nurses, auxiliaries, technicians and the College of Bioanalysts yesterday warned the Government that they will not be allowed to be excluded from the pension law with 100% of the salary, as will be done with doctors.

The warning was made yesterday by Virgilio Lebrón and Alba Suriel, who spoke on behalf of 13 guilds.

They said that a meeting of Minister Gustavo Montalvo with doctors and the Superintendence of Pensions (Sipen) is scheduled for this morning.

It is about favoring a sector such as doctors that represent 5%, which would be given a 100% pension.

Both Suriel and Lebrón reminded the Government that in the health sector they not only have a commitment to doctors.

In the Coordinator of Health Guilds are also represented, dentists, psychologists and pharmacists.

The project that pensions to health workers with 100% of the salary will be sent in the next few days to the Chamber of Deputies.


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