NYC: NYPD sergeant acted as heroin courier for top 9 Trey Bloods leader, gangster testifies in Tekashi69 trial

An NYPD sergeant accused of distributing heroin was running drugs for a “five-star general” in the Nine Trey Bloods, the gangster testified Tuesday.

Kristian Cruz, a Nine Trey drug dealer cooperating with the government, confirmed on the stand that he’d hired a sergeant to transport drugs because he believed she would draw less attention from authorities.

“(The) sergeant was the girlfriend of a friend of yours. She was an NYPD sergeant, I believe?” asked attorney Eylan Schulman, who is representing accused Nine Trey gangster Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack.

“Yes,” Cruz, 24, replied.

Outside the courtroom, another attorney on Mack’s legal team, Lou Fasulo, confirmed Robinson was the sergeant. Cruz is a key witness against Mack, who is accused of dealing drugs for the gang. He’s on trial alongside Nine Trey member Anthony “Harv” Ellison, who is charged with kidnapping rapper Tekashi69.


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