Jamaica: Stemming gun flow into Ja ‘difficult’ — US envoy

Country attaché, US Postal Inspection Service, US Embassy, Dominick Riley made the disclosure during his address at the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) public forum titled ‘Scamming, Gangs, and Violence in Montego Bay’ on Monday.

The event, which is being held in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development at Montego Bay Cultural Centre, brought together key stakeholders to discuss the nexus of lottery scamming and crime and violence, particularly in resorts.

Riley argued that resource is a key issue when it comes to policing the illicit activity.

“The problem is…resources, because there is so much… the US has 322 million people, roughly, and there are 50 states in the US. In this instance you should say, probably 12 states that would be direct routes to Jamaica…so it is very difficult to police all of that with the number of people that we have in both of our countries,” stated Riley


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