Guyana: Almost all Guyanese households would have to benefit from cash transfer from oil wealth

Professor Clive Thomas has given more details on the proposed policy of cash transfers (CTs) showing that they would be affordable and would deliver significant economic and social benefits to working class households.

“The Buxton Proposal” is named after comments Thomas made last year in the same East Coast village that ignited a debate about how best to distribute the oil wealth Guyana will reap in the next decade. And he was quick to point out that for the scheme to be effective it would need to reach almost all households so as to address concerns it favoured one strata of society or ethnic group. The coalition government has been lukewarm to the idea with the President yet to take a position, although the Alliance for Change (AFC) has declared its support for conditional cash transfers.

Speaking at a well-attended symposium at the Critchlow Labour College, Thomas urged the audience to support the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) in making cash transfers  “a central theme of these upcoming elections”. Fellow panelist trade unionist Lincoln Lewis also said it was one idea he certainly would get behind. WPA member David Hinds noted that whenever the party visited depressed communities a main topic of  interest was cash transfers or “The $1M Initiative” as it was dubbed

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