Jamaica: NO VISA LET-UP – Jamaica Has Long Way To Go Before UK Travel Restriction Lifted, Says Ahmad…(We had it before)

If it were up to Asif Ahmad, the British high commissioner to Jamaica, citizens of the former British colony would no longer require a visa to travel to the United Kingdom (UK).

But since the legal requirement is out of his hands, the country will have to await future reviews if any change is to be made to the travel standard.

In fact, Jamaica would have to significantly improve its risk indicators before even being considered for a removal of restrictions.

“If it was on my wish list, I would much prefer a scenario where Jamaica comes off, but the objective measures that I indicated must start a different trend,” Ahmad said at a luncheon for journalists at his Kingston offices yesterday.

Those measures, he indicated, include making more strides in combating the drug and human-trafficking epidemic as well as avenues that lead to illegal immigration to the UK.

Ahmad explained that Jamaica was placed on the list of countries whose citizens require a visa to travel to the UK because of the linkages to crime and illegal immigration. The problems the UK authorities had with the ‘Yardie’ gangs also factored in the decision.


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