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Delva accuses Latortue of corruption
Senator Gracia Delva accuses of corruption, his colleague Yuri Latortue, President of the “Anti Corruption Commission” support that he is involved via his company “National”, in cases of corruption with the Dominican construction company Estrella. Delva claims that Youri Latortue received bribes before the interpellation meeting of Prime Minister Jean Henri Céant.

A 3-year-old girl shot and wounded
On Wednesday at Delmas 18, more precisely in the popular Bastia corridor, a 3-year-old girl was shot and wounded during the 3rd day of mobilization against the fuel shortage. Residents blame unidentified individuals driving in a car for firing at the height of man on the population, causing several other injuries.

Lavalas advocates self-defense against the police
On Wednesday, Gédéon Charles, one of Fanmi Lavalas’ spokespersons, denounced police repression and violence against the social and popular movement against the scarcity of fuel, adding “This violence opens the right to make use of the self-defense […] ”


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