Everyone will not be an entrepreneur; however, it is important that everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit.

This is the view of Andrea Taylor, Programme Manager of the Small Business Association (SBA).

On the sidelines of the Youth Forum and Showcase that took place at the Savannah Hotel yesterday morning, Taylor told media that it was against this backdrop that the SBA designed programmes to grow this entrepreneurial spirit in youth.

“What we want to inculcate is that you have the entrepreneurial spirit, the behaviour and the mindset so that you can operate wherever you go, and if there is a creative element there in your own business, you can shape that, go to your boss and say, ‘Well this is something we can do differently.’ We just need to have that mindset. If we have that mindset, we can take Barbados forward; we just need to have a change of mindset,” she said.

Because technology plays a driving factor in the world today, Taylor noted that the Association decided to focus on technology this week, and teach the children how to use technology to their advantage.


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