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Corruption : Youri Latortue wants to summon the Senate
Senator Youri Latortue, President of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, requests in a correspondence dated September 13 addressed to the President of the Senate that a special meeting be convened to consider allegations of alleged corruption of 5 senators, each of whom would have received, according to the Senator Sorel Jacinthe 100,000 US dollars, to give a favorable vote to the Prime Minister named Fritz William Michel.

Haitian community in Guyana
To better support the Haitian community in French Guiana, the Consul General of Haiti Judnie Galdine Souffrant met with Anne Suard the Diplomatic and Cooperation Advisor and the squadron leader Nicolas Vignon liaison officer in charge of the Internal Security Cooperation with the Prefect of Guyana.

Food For the Poor alongside poultry producers
After facilitating laying hen and meat projects in the communities of Tierra Muscady (Thomonde, West), Boen (Ganthier, West), Mattresses Sources (Cabaret, West), Despuzeau (Ganthier, West) and Chantal (Chantal, South), Food For the Poor continues to support these communities to ensure the smooth running of their businesses. For example, the organization has recently distributed 100 bags of layer feed to Boen and 100 bags to Chantal. It also did veterinary monitoring of broilers and laying chickens at Despuzeau, Tierra Muscady, Boen and Sources Matelas. See also :


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