NYC-NYPD: Officers chase two suspects into a Bronx deli, stumble into a seedy kidnapping plot

Cops in the Bronx chased two suspects into a deli and stumbled onto a kidnapping plot, discovering a man who said he’d been locked in the store’s basement for more than three days.

The bizarre revelation early Wednesday involved a victim and suspects who all have lengthy criminal records, police sources said.

According to sources, police spotted two suspects in a reckless endangerment case as they were smoking weed on the street in Wakefield. The pair ran into the Deli N’ Grocery With a Difference on Bussing Ave. near Digney Ave., and when the police followed, they found what looked like a low-rent version of a scene from Pulp Fiction.

The cops asked store worker Richard Millwood, 35, if they could search the place, and he said he needed to go into the basement for a second, police sources said. Then when police got a look, they found a 49-year-old man who claimed he’d been abducted late Sept. 7.


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