Dominican Republic: Communities receive high school and vocational school

The Lemon, Samana. This community received a high school yesterday that will work in Extended Tanda for 420 students, and Arroyo Barril the Vocational School of the Armed Forces and the National Police, with capacity for 500 students per batch.

In a first act, President Danilo Medina delivered the Berca Morel Castillo secondary school, with 15 classrooms and equipped with science and computer laboratories, library, teacher’s lounge, nursing, kitchen-dining room, orientation, courts, administrative offices and cafeteria , among other facilities.

It was reported that this campus will serve to decongest the Rosa Ecedia Anderson Basic School, which will pass to the Extended Tanda model. The campus was built by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOCP), with an investment exceeding 61 million pesos, contributed by the Ministry of Education.

The central words of the act were in charge of the Minister of Education, Antonio Peña Mirabal, who said that the Educational Revolution changes the living conditions of thousands of families and generates the best conditions of development for students.


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