Trinidad: New app to help promote local artistes

GOVERNMENT has launched a new app, AMPT, to help promote local artistes. It also launched an educational video on intellectual property (IP) rights in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

At the launch last Friday at the Digicel IMAX theatre in Woodbrook, chairman of MusicTT John Arnold said the video was launched by the WIPO internationally to 191 countries at the 14th session of the Advanced Committee on Enforcement in Geneva. Arnold said AMPT is the new online booking platform built by Lee Aleong and Angel Stewart, which has replaced Muzeek for venue bookings.

He said AMPT is a stand-alone platform whose features encompass more than just live bookings of the Live Music District (LMD).

“Its feature set has been customised to meet MusicTT’s needs and the specific characteristics of TT’s music industry,” he said. “AMPT has six features, which include venue descriptions, booking of auditions and performances, schedule of performances and content for past performances, online performances information, way-finding functionality to venues and sponsor ads, links and integration.”


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