Dominican Republic: The country opposed to a modification of the Constitution

The political organization Alianza País was opposed yesterday that prior to the celebration of the electoral process, the danilista sector summons the National Assembly to modify the Magna Carta of the Republic and that it is authorized for the second time to President Medina, under the excuse of unifying municipal, congress and presidential elections.

“We express our absolute opposition to what is currently advocating the Danilo Medina faction. Under the excuse of unifying the elections, the constitutional text is being tried again, but in reality what is being sought is to introduce the modification to eliminate the “never ever”, which makes it possible to apply for Danilo Medina, ”said Guillermo Moreno, President of the Country Alliance Party when leading a meeting with the press.

He considered that rehabilitating Medina is synonymous with running for him as a candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 2024, strengthening his faction and extending his power of control beyond 2020 over the institutions formed by his loyalists.
Moreno said that any type of alliance with the danilismo, no matter the political sector, to change the Constitution and rehabilitate Medina constitutes an act of treason to the aspirations of change, which he said is present in the citizenship to achieve New democratic airs.

While the vice president of Alianza País, Minou Tavárez Mirabal, described those intentions of changes with the Constitution as unacceptable, which is why she said they are immersed in promoting a third force that enforces the constituent in Congress and to achieve it it is necessary to put legislators committed to the country.
Both leaders were emphatic in saying that any constitutional amendment should be made after the 2020 elections, through a constituent assembly, by popular vote.


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