Cuba: NO Means NO, Even If He Loves You

The phrase has gone viral on the Internet and it sheds light on an everyday reality: it is hard for many people to understand when somebody does NOT want to have sex with them.

Whether they are just boyfriend and girlfriend, friends, husband and wife, partners, strangers, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to have sex, you don’t have to. Unfortunately, it’s commonplace for one person to feel like they have rights over another person’s body.

Like many other women in Cuba, Rosa Martinez has suffered many experiences of sexual harassment and today, she will share something that happened in her teenage years, which is still a bitter memory. Reading this story reminds us that sexual violence can also come from somebody we trust and love.

I also suffered sexual harassment

I was finishing up 11th grade at the Vocational Preuniversity Institute of Exact Sciences, and even though the majority of my classmates were talking about their first boyfriends, even about their first sexual adventures, I still felt like I wasn’t ready, or that I hadn’t met the right person yet.


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