Dominican Republican: Guillermo Caram warns about constitutional reform

The constitutional reform to rehabilitate President Danilo Medina would project the image that constitutional reforms are not being weighted with the seriousness they deserve, which deals a serious blow to the institutionalization of the country and encourages the breach of laws, ”said yesterday economist Guillermo Caram.

From its perspective for the institutionalization of the country, compliance with the Constitution is essential. “But something else is needed: assume it, internalize it, which is something that goes beyond mere compliance. It is necessary to protect it from the cyclical and accidental aggressions typical of everyday politiquery almost always divorced from the purposes of achieving the common good that must be an essential purpose of the political exercise. And of the conveniences of the rulers on duty based on their personal interests ordinarily opposed to the general interest of the nation, ”he said. He said none of that is achieved by changing it at any time based on personal interests.

“Our Constitution remained untouchable for 28 years since 1966 to 1994 and democracy improved, it was rooted in political and citizen behavior while other nations, once exemplary democracies, plunged into political veleities consubstantial to constitutional changes,” he added.


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