Bahamas: Get Back To Work- Govt Wins Court Order Forcing Halt To Strike Action

BAHAMAS Doctors Union has been blocked from taking further industrial action against the government and ordered to return to work after an injunction was granted yesterday by Supreme Court Justice Ian Winder.

According to Attorney General Carl Bethel, the injunction further ordered that BDU be restrained from contravening Sections 76, 77, and 83 of the Industrial Relations Act. It was also ordered that an ‘inter partes’ hearing be heard tomorrow at 2.30pm before Justice Winder.

The injunction came several hours after BDU President Melisande Bassett revealed yesterday the union intended to use all legal means available to continue fighting the government including holding a strike vote on several matters where they have been denied due course.

However, following the injunction, she sent a statement to members saying: “With the recent developments, we must remember our senior physicians who have allowed us to fight for our constitutional right without endangering the public’s safety or well being.


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