Bahamas: Strike Wishlist-Doctors’ Demands Include Duty-Free Car And No Property Tax

JUNIOR doctors have asked for real property tax exemptions, Crown land for the construction of an office, duty-free exemptions on car imports or the construction of a paid parking lot at Princess Margaret Hospital with the proceeds to be split between the government and the Bahamas Doctors Union.

The demands are set out in a document sent by BDU to the government last week, which itemises issues the union wants discussed when it meets with Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, Public Hospitals Authority officials and labour representatives today. This comes as junior doctors continue their strike and public healthcare services remain limited to emergency treatment only.

Among seven items on BDU’s agenda for discussion, the union said a timeline and agreement on one of the following demands must be signed off on.

The BDU document states: “Identify one non-monetary compensation option as proposed in our communique to on March 7, 2019: Increase the current health insurance benefits of junior doctors to that on par with that of police officers, immigration officers. Construct a paid parking facility on the hospital grounds for public use.


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