Bahamas: Doctors’ Patience Runs Out As They Launch Snap Strike

FED up with a lack of a resolution over longstanding disputes, more than 400 junior doctors went on strike yesterday forcing the nation’s public healthcare system into “emergency mode”.

Of that number, approximately 200 physicians were on call throughout the country’s network and were resolved to only work on emergency cases, according to Bahamas Doctors Union President Dr Melisande Bassett.

The BDU was called to the Office of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis for an impromptu meeting around 3.30pm in the hope of deescalating tensions and bring both sides back to the table, The Tribune was told.

Labour Minister Dion Foulkes said the meeting was very productive, with a clear path outlined for negotiations chaired by Labour Director John Pinder to resume at the Department of Labour next week.

However, up to press time it was not clear whether the union would end its strike.

The strike has drawn support from several unions, all of which have expressed dissatisfaction over the government’s handling of labour disputes in recent months.


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