Jamaica: 10 Small J’can BPO Firms To Benefit From US$480,000 Growth Project

About 10 small operators in the flourishing business process outsourcing (BPO) industry are to be selected for a US$480,000 project aimed at enabling them to move up the value chain.

The Jamaica GSS Project will assist these firms to digitise their operations and embrace growing trends in the sector.

The project will also assist with the development of a general GSS strategic road map to help members refine and improve their growth strategy and carry out an industry forecast to identify and move into niche markets.

Additionally, it will optimise processes within the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica (BPIAJ) to meet members’ needs for scaling up. This will be done by increasing the institutional capacity of the association to better serve its growing membership, improve advocacy capabilities, and develop more effective rules and procedures.

BPIAJ president, Gloria Henry, explained that 10 companies will be selected for the project and they will receive critical support over an 18-month period.

A consultant will be engaged to develop the criteria to identify the firms. Henry said the consultant should be on board by October “so we expect to end the year with the project already started”.


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