US: What Ronald Reagan Can Teach Us About How an … Absent-Minded Joe Biden Might Handle Being President

Joe Biden is not entirely on top of things lately. Whether because of age-related mental lapses or a more characterologically fundamental indifference to detail, he has in recent weeks asserted his health care plan involves $1,000 copays (it’s actually $1,000 deductibles), instructed debate viewers to “go to Joe … 3-0 … 3 … 3-0 [to] help me in this fight” (he meant “text the word Joe to the number 30330 to donate to my campaign”), said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” (he meant “wealthy kids,” he explained), and twice claimed to have met with Parkland shooting survivors in D.C. while he was vice president (he did meet with some Parkland students after the attack, but it happened more than a year after he and Barack Obama left office).


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