DR has to strengthen laws on economic crimes

The Dominican State needs to strengthen the Monetary and Financial Code to penalize infractions that are committed in that area but are not penalized, said Dr. Manuel Ulises Bonnelly, former judge of the Court of Appeals of the National District.

The approach was made when analyzing the fight against money laundering and other economic crimes that are transnational in nature.

Bonnelly said that a reform to the Monetary and Financial Code should include penalties for irregularities that are committed in the banking sector, because in current legislation they are not included.

In his opinion, certain malicious behaviors, from the ethical point of view, that are not penalized should also be taken into account.
Bonnelly said that the strengthening of the Financial Code is increasingly necessary, “because financial crime is always one step ahead of the authorities and legal systems.”

“In fact, economic crime structures are known to hire expert lawyers in order to attack the system without violating the law, and that makes it difficult to prosecute those crimes.”


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