Cubans Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Every afternoon, when I finish work, I head to the train station. There, alongside hundreds of passengers, a dirty, uncomfortable, slow train, which never leaves on schedule by the way because when it isn’t being checked over, it’s waiting for the engineer, or the engine has a problem, etc.

There is always a reason that they almost always never tell you. On the other hand, I imagine the effort it takes for mechanics to keep these old pieces of junk up and running.

It’s normal to be waiting for up to an hour before it departs. Once onboard, I only have to travel 14 km (8.5 miles) and even then it feels like eternity. I can’t imagine having to travel for the entire two hours the route lasts to the Los Palacios municipality, the final destination, but there aren’t many alternatives.


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