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Settlement at Thomazeau
Past weekend at Thomazeau (West Dept.) a settlement cost the life of the Gang Leader Ariole Polycarpe and 7 of his men. The Commissary of the municipality, Christophe Arnold on the airwaves of the capital said that the bodies had been beheaded before being burned and that the Ariax Polycarpe Gang belonged to the past …

Presidency : Nicolas Duvalier candidate ?
François Nicolas Duvalier the son of “Baby doc”, Patrayil party leader does not wish to speak for the moment on his possible participation in the Presidential elections of 2022, explaining that the volatility of the current political situation, makes it difficult to make forecasts…

The Town Hall of P-a-P at the listening of the inhabitants of the Canapé Vert
On Saturday, with the support of the Municipal Cooperation Program, the Port-au-Prince Town Hall met the community platforms and various organizations of the Canapé-Vert area to present the various activities and achievements of the town hall and receive complaints from residents of the Canapé Vert community, with a view to finding adequate solutions.


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