Bahamas: Bcaa Tells Sky Bahamas It Is Not Being Singled Out

ADMIST the ongoing standoff between the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority and Sky Bahamas, BCAA Director General Charles Beneby yesterday insisted the airline is not being “singled out” — as he underscored the Authority had nothing to do Sky Bahamas being “ordered out” of Lynden Pindling International Airport.

During a BCAA press conference held yesterday, Mr Beneby was adamant the issues regarding Sky Bahamas not receiving its air operator certificate (AOC) are “not an act of sabotage” and said there is “no political consideration” at hand.

Instead, he noted the carrier has several outstanding requirements which need to be met.

Admitting communication between the regulatory body and Sky Bahamas CEO Captain Randy Butler has been “strained”, Mr Beneby nonetheless said he would be willing to work with the carrier.

Sky Bahamas has been grounded since July 8 over issues regarding its AOC. Captain Butler has been vocal regarding the airline’s challenges, which include financial losses “already in the millions” due to Sky Bahamas’ inability to carry fare-paying passengers and his concerns for the airline’s employees.

Noting the press conference was not a “mud-slinging exercise”, Mr Beneby provided further context for the saga.


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