Jamaica: IDB’s road safety concerns legitimate

The points raised by Mrs Therese Turner Jones at the inaugural Caribbean Road Safety Workshop last Thursday are of great importance and should be taken seriously by all law-abiding Jamaicans.

Mrs Turner Jones, the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) general manager, Caribbean Country Department, appealed to Jamaicans to take a stand against irresponsible road use.

Reckless driving, she said, should not be the norm, and Jamaicans should “call it out when they see it and not turn a blind eye”.

“People ought to use their seat belts. Children need to be in car seats and we should not be texting and driving; texting is as bad, if not worse, than drinking and driving,” Mrs Turner Jones said.

That the workshop was organised jointly by the IDB, National Road Safety Council, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization speaks to the weight these agencies place on the economic and social impact that reckless road behaviour can have on countries.


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