Cuba: TV Host is Right: Independent Film Doesn’t Exist in Cuba

A few weeks ago, and after my interfering in an article written by producer Claudia Calvino, when I recklessly called for justice and realized, in the face of colleagues’ silence during the debate, that Cuban TV host Amaury Perez was right: there is no Independent Film in Cuba because it isn’t legitimized, so independent filmmakers (not their movies per se) answer to the State’s ideology, instead of their own way of seeing and making film.

This program has been the most revealing when it comes to what the government plans for movies which have been created in an independent manner. ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute) feels weak, yet it aims to become stronger on the back of those who independently produce films. Once it has reestablished itself, things will go back to the way they were.

Decree-Law 373 wasn’t necessary to decimate the professional lives of those who make them uneasy. The same filmmakers who owe nothing to ICAIC, do government officials’ work.



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