Dominican Republic: Salcedo Hospital goes through the worst crisis in its history

The “Doctor Pascasio Toribio Piantini” hospital in this municipality is going through one of its worst crises, which makes the work of the doctors difficult, according to a report issued by the main executives of the Dominican Medical College (CMD-Subsidiary Mirabal Sisters).

According to the data provided, less than 8 months ago, the emergency of the assistance center was inaugurated for an amount of RD $ 18 million, however, it presents severe construction defects that “border on fright”, including large leaks, to the point that “when it rains inside, it escapes outside.”

In addition, the union notes, in the center there is a progressive deterioration of the state-of-the-art equipment installed due to lack of maintenance, where in the laboratory area there are also constant deficits of important analytics for the management of patients.

They cited among the most common deficits hemograms, which are necessary for the management of patients suspected of dengue, an epidemic that according to doctors, is affecting nationally.


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