Haiti: Haitian Influx Create Hysteria In Guyana, Brazil And Suriname

Between January – July 2019 more than 8,600 Haitians arrived in Guyana and ‘only 13 left the country legally’. In a display of hysteria to feed the base of multiple factions, “The Haitians are coming,” is making headlines across the country.

The opposition and its constituents are claiming “the ‘Black government’ in Guyana is doling out citizenship to the Haitians in an effort to have them register to vote for the ruling government and by selective means avert the Indian dominated Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) from winning the upcoming general election.

Meanwhile, on Sunday it was learned that “a significant number of the 8,600-plus Haitians who arrived in Guyana during the last seven months made way to Lethem, a frontier town neighbouring Brazil” according to investigations by the Guyana Kaieteur.

The Haitians can’t be accounted for because they don’t remain in Guyana. They continue to Brazil and Suriname illegally through the so-called “backtrack” to get to French Guiana and elsewhere in South America. Haitians constitute 30-50 percent of the immigrant population in French Guiana.


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