Dominican Republic: Two months of primary JCE advances in its assembly

As of today, there are two months left for the celebration of the simultaneous primaries organized by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and in which the Modern Revolutionary (PRM) and Dominican Liberation (PLD) parties will participate to choose their candidates in the elections February and May 2020.

This is a novel process for the country that also releases two laws on electoral matters: that of Political Parties, Groups and Movements (33-18) and that of the Electoral Regime (15-19). To this is added the implementation for the first time of the Automated Voting System prepared by JCE technicians.

In numbers For the primary PLD, 7,072 candidates were registered, a number that could decrease since in some municipalities where the aspiring councilors exceed 64, prior selections will be made to adjust it to that number that is the one that fits with their photos on the screens of the Automated voting. 3,931 precandidates were registered in the PRM. 


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