Jamaica: Reggae Footprint Distinct In The UK, Says Chips Richards

After 47 years in the music business, Anthony Richards, also known as ‘Chips’, is still spreading Jamaica’s reggae and dancehall genres on the global scale. The former marketing and promotions manager of Trojan Records, the British record label that was instrumental in introducing some of reggae’s heavyweights to the world, was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent Tribute to the Greats ceremony held at Curphey Place, St Andrew.

Richards, who helped to steer many records on to the United Kingdom’s (UK) national singles charts, is the pioneer of many initiatives in the music industry, including the first-ever commercial reggae radio show in Britain and introducing reggae to the BBC World Service.

“London is the hub where all these reggae-related projects launched, and because of that, reggae is now in countries like Brazil and Japan. The Japanese are among our biggest audiences, and I can say that because I took it there in 1974, when I organised the first-ever reggae music tours of Thailand and Japan with the Pioneers and the Cimarons,” Richards told The Gleaner after accepting his award.


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