Bahamas: Officers ‘Beat’ Suspects On Immigration Raid

RIGHTS Bahamas chairperson Mona Agenor was arrested yesterday in an alleged violent encounter with police and immigration officials.

Her 15-year-old daughter said the incident has left her emotionally scarred, telling The Tribune: “He said if my mummy didn’t go, he would bodyslam her”.

The Tribune has reached out to officials for comment, but received no response on the matter.

Ms Agenor, the group’s chairperson for Migrant Rights, and several family members were still in custody up to press time last night. In a separate release, the Immigration Department said it had apprehended 28 Haitian nationals in a joint operation called ‘Rising Sun’ with Southwestern Division police and K-9 units.

After further processing, 16 people were committed to the Carmichael Road Detention Centre for various immigration offences, including illegal landing and overstaying, the release said.

The operation began at 4am, the release continued, and covered Flamingo Close, Jubilee Gardens, Venice Bay, Area 51 Haitian Village, Carmichael Road, Sir Milo Butler Highway, McKinney Drive and Bedrock Haitian Village off Bacardi Road.


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