Jamaica Pushes Towards Digital Society Goal

Imagine being able to visit one website to conduct all government transactions.

Jamaica is one step closer to that reality with the project,, which is now available online in phase one of its development. The next two phases will be designed to be a one-stop shop and facilitate access to more than 200 government organisations via a single interface.

Other countries’ websites, such as, provide a model for Jamaica to make interacting with the government a seamless experience. This is done by packaging backend services to meet the needs and convenience of everyone – from rural Jamaicans to members of the diaspora, overseas investors, and even public-sector workers.

However, this entails the digital transformation of government, which, as chairman of the National ICT Advisory Council Trevor Forrest says, is much more than a buzzword. He maintains that it plays a critical role to achieve efficiencies under the wider public-sector transformation process.


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