Peter Thiel Says Elizabeth Warren Is “Most Dangerous” Democratic Candidate

Peter Thiel rarely gives interviews, so when he does decide to answer a few questions from journalists, the media will pay rapt attention to what the notoriously conservative and Trump-supporting Silicon Valley expat has to say.

The venture capitalist and PayPal & Palantir founder made headlines on Sunday when he bashed “treasonous” Google for cutting ties with the US military while continuing its ‘Project Dragonfly’ – its plans for re-entering the Chinese market. He added that the US should investigate Google for possibly working with the Chinese military.  Then, on Monday evening, Thiel appeared on Tucker Carlson and briefly shared his opinions about the crop of Democratic presidential contenders.

Thiel finds most of them “unimpressive” because they’re focused on identity politics, an issue that likely won’t find broad traction among voters.

But the “most dangerous” candidate is Elizabeth Warren, because she’s actually talking about the economy and other important issues.


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