Dominican Republic: EduAction 2019 values ​​the use of technology in favor of students in Latin America

The representative of the Humboldt International University, Javier Garcia, yesterday highlighted the scope that the new educational ecosystems based on technology are having on the social transformation of Latin America, of which some 30 million students need to benefit.

“The idea is the social transformation from the new educational ecosystems,” said Garcia on his lecture “The transformation of learning in the knowledge society.”

When participating as a guest in “EduAction 2019”, academic event that culminates today, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the UASD, Javier García, proposed for that great mass of students, who have no possibility to continue studying, for work issues, give an environment where they can through technology access to studies. “We propose all the elements of this ecosystem, since in Latin America some 30 million students are being affected, so that technological tools can help as far as possible to make learning more meaningful,” explained the Humboldt professor. International University.


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