Cuba Has Great Potential to Improve its Own Economy

A man of few words, slow and deliberate gestures, boundless kindness; it’s hard to know just how much experience my interviewee has. A retired US diplomat, this expert’s optimism with regard to our national situation comes as a surprise, as he says that Cubans have their own forces to get the national economy up off the ground, it’s just a matter of overcoming the arteriosclerosis which the regime has imposed.

HT: President Diaz Canel brandishes continuity in the face of sacrilegious reform. Why is change necessary?

Gary Maybarduck: The Communist Party needs to recognize that the road the economy is currently on is leading to a dead-end street. The belief that foreign investment will provide the capital that the country needs is a pipe-dream. This authoritarian regime, with a track record of human rights violations and a weak economy, will not be able to attract investment from large foreign companies.


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