Jamaica: Living High At Itopia Life – Second Medical Marijuana Dispensary Launched In Kingston

Depending on who is being asked, the food, the rum, the beaches, the reggae and dancehall scenes and Jamaica’s nightlife are all good reasons to take a trip to the island.

But for long, there has been an interest in Jamaica’s marijuana and, more importantly, where the healing plant could be purchased. For many years, persons could not find a creative response to the question, but now, with the establishment of legal dispensaries across the island, it has become much easier.

On Wednesday, July 10, the fourth medical marijuana dispensary in Jamaica, Itopia Life, opened its doors at 10A West Kings House Road, the former home of Jamaican film director, Perry Henzell.

The facility, which is geared towards the promotion of cannabis wellness, features the Herb House at the main house; the lower level is designated for the lower level is designated for the dispensary, but consumers are open to take a walk upstairs to ‘light up’ inside two cosy smoke lounges. The long term plan for the Henzells is to introduce complementary ventures, including a film gallery and an Airbnb that will add to the Jamaican ambience.


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