Dominican Republic: More rigor in diagnosis to prevent deaths from dengue

A more rigorous diagnosis of patients who arrive with a fever at the health centers, to identify and immediately separate those who present dengue symptoms, as a tool to reduce mortality, are included in the strategies set forth by the Ministry of Health, the increase of cases of the disease that is registered in the country.

Until the third week of June, the epidemiological surveillance system had captured 3,433 confirmed and probable cases of dengue and the confirmed death of three children under five years of age living in the municipalities of San Cristóbal, Baní and Pedro Brand.

To avoid the lethality of patients due to dengue was the greatest emphasis on Tuesday the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, during his meeting with health sector officials, so it was immediately decided to reinforce the protocols of care and of triage to quickly identify patients with dengue within the group of febrile patients who arrive at health services, in order to give them the treatment they deserve, informed Minister Rafael Sánchez.


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