Orthopedic Shoes, a Necessity in Cuba

Orthopedic shoes are essential for anyone who suffers from foot problems. In Cuba, there are serious shortcomings in this service: a lack of resources, outdated designs, delays in arrivals. Roxana Alonso Cruz (33 years old) has a son who wears orthopedic shoes.

HT: Correcting feet in time is essential for growth and development. How long has your son been using these kinds of shoes?

Roxana Alonso: We’ve been tied to these all of his childhood. Ugly boots that take ages to arrive and an endless number of excuses. It’s impossible to think that a child is going to use just one pair of boots per year. This reality is unbearable, he wants to be like other children, he wants to wear tennis shoes, sandals, be trendy. When you manage to convince him that he needs to wear orthopedic shoes, he accepts it but on one condition: have a new pair for going out, but it’s impossible. It’s hard for a mother to see their children suffer and sometimes, many parents give in and end up buying a pair of brand shoes, without worrying about whether these are the right ones for them or not. It’s our responsibility to make sure our children grow up healthy, and not only physically.


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