Humans wearing ‘teledildonic suits’ can now have SEX with each other over the internet

He said: “Robots will also start to imitate the physical appearance of humans in a more convincing manner and become ever more ‘humanoid.

“Their skin will be soft and endowed with numerous sensors that make it sensitive to touch, with a heating system to keep it at a natural temperature.

“Their behaviour will also become more realistic…we can believe they reciprocate our affection.

“They will not only listen to us but they will be able to sustain conversation and be responsive to our smiles.

“At this point, many people may find it hard to resist their appeal: the robots would actually give everything and ask for nothing in exchange. For some, it could be the ideal love.”

He went on to speculate whether, once robots are “perfect” companions that never upset us, we will come to replace other humans in our emotional life altogether.


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