Haiti: News Brief

A mother beaten to death
Délizène Delivois, mother of 8 children, was beaten to death by her ex-partner Franckel Dorilas in Gros Morne. The victim, aged 49, succumbed to several beatings during a heated argument.

Flood : West is waiting for State aid
“The central government claims to have already taken all the measures to limit the damage during the hurricane season,” said Jude Édouard Pierre, mayor of the commune of Carrefour and President of the National Federation of Magistrates of Haiti (FENAMH). The Federation informs to have planned an emergency meeting with the central power concerning the measures to be taken concerning the damages caused by the torrential rains which fell this week on the country

School canteen soon in the Lower North West
A working meeting was held at the National Fund for Education (FNE) around the interventions to be carried out at the level of some schools of the North-West Low in the perspective of the implementation of a program of school canteen for the benefit of the children of this region.


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