Haiti News Brief

3 days of demonstrations announced
The radical opposition of the movement known as “Democratic and popular sector” announces 3 days of popular mobilization on July 5, 6 and 7 to continue to demand the resignation of the Head of State among others…

Opposition Deputies threaten to block sesions
Following the decision of Gary Bodeau, President of the Chamber of Deputies to postpone “sine die” the Conference of Presidents which was scheduled for Monday, July 1, according to the rules of the House, the Deputy Printemps Bélizaire. (Famni Lavalas) affirms “No session will be held in the Chamber of Deputies without the inclusion of the impeachment of President Jovenel Moïse in the agenda,’ accusing the President of the House of wanting to “quell the affair”.

Army : graduation ceremony
The Ministry of Defense reports that the graduation ceremony for the new classes of Officers and Soldiers of the Haitian Armed Forces (FAd’H) will be held at the Anacaona military base in Léogâne on Friday, July 5 th. from 10:00 am a.m.


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