Dominican Republic: JCE reconforms 19 contested Electoral Boards

The Plenary of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) yesterday decided to partially reconstitute only 19 of the more than 50 Electoral Boards challenged by several political parties, including the majority parties of the Dominican Liberation (PLD), Modern Revolutionary (PRM) and Christian Social Reformist (PRSC).

These meetings are those of Bajos de Haina, Barahona, Cristóbal, Enriquillo, Imbert, La Descubierta, Laguna Salada, Las Charcas, Las Matas de Farfán, Luperón, Matanzas, Monte Plata, Neyba, Pedro Brand, Peralta, Pimentel, Rancho Arriba, Restoration and Tenares.
In addition to the PLD, PRM and PRSC, objections were made to members of these and other electoral boards, the Alianza País parties (ALPAIS), the Alliance for Democracy (APD), the Social Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRSD), the Democratic Option (OD) and the Alianza for the Rescue of Barahona (ARBA). 


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