Why Reddit Finally Quarantined r/The_Donald—and Why It’s Probably Scared to Ban It

One of the biggest pro-Trump forums on the web, Reddit’s r/The_Donald, has been walled off. As of Wednesday, the social media site put the subreddit (which has more than 754,000 subscribers) under “quarantine” because of threats of violence made on the message board against police officers, which Reddit does not allow. The threats were in reaction to a statehouse fight in Oregon involving GOP lawmakers who refused to vote on a climate bill and fled the state.

A hub of MAGA-themed memes (and the frequently hateful trolls who make them), r/The_Donald has run afoul of Reddit’s moderation policies before. “The reason for the quarantine is that over the last few months we have observed repeated rule-breaking behavior in your community,” a letter from Reddit that was posted to the front page of r/The_Donald read. The subreddit’s moderators apparently haven’t done enough to keep the Donald Trump fan club in line with the site’s policies, and despite the overwhelming popularity of the page, Reddit decided to to take down the offending posts and hide the page behind a warning wall.


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