High-Profile Domestic Violence Case in Cuba

Gender-based violence has many forms, it has become so naturalized that nobody can escape it and we all become victims to a greater or lesser extent. That is why it is necessary to deconstruct it when we see it happen and analyze it so we can understand it better.

Dianelis Alfonso, a.k.a. La Diosa de Cuba, has made headlines over the past few days. The order these words appear in is very important. She has made headlines because she denounced musician Jose Luis Rodriguez, El Tosco (her former partner and director of the orchestra she used to work in), for abusing her for many years.

She began to make headlines when she was hounded, questioned in public about her private life during a video-interview, without any warning in advance. We don’t know if La Diosa was ready to talk about all of this, but, she decided not to keep quiet at that moment and she let her emotions loose: she cried, she spoke about what had happened, she gave names of witnesses, she let everything she had bottled up out, all of her suffering. When you lose your fear, you set yourself free.


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