Haiti: Haitians try to escape from a temporary shelter in Mexico

On Tuesday, some 100 migrants of Haitian and African origin tried, for the third time since the beginning of the month, to escape from the temporary shelter of the “Feria Mesoamericana”, a detention center for illegal migrants waiting the study of their request, in the city of Tapachula, in the State of Chiapas in south Mexico on the border of Guatemala.

The attempt once again failed, the National Guard of the National Institute of Migration (INAMI) and the Federal Police have once again prevented them from fleeing…

According to testimonies collected by Mexican journalists, the migrants, some of whom have been in this detention center for more than 10 days, are demanding medical care, mainly for mothers and minors, food and an improvement in the migratory procedures of which they complain the delays in processing their request…


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