In Major “Blow” To Bolsonaro, 39 Kilos Of Coke Seized On Brazil’s Presidential Plane

A Brazilian Air Force pilot, who was one of the crew members on their way to serve as the advance guard for Brazil president Bolsonaro during the forthcoming G20 summit in Osaka, was arrested during a stopover in Seville en route to Japan after Spanish customs officers discovered enough cocaine on him in to fuel a small Wall Street bank’s party for a month in what has become an international embarrassment for Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s “Trump” and also the country’s self-professed law-and-order president.

The 38-year-old airman appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of drug trafficking after Spanish officials discovered 37 packets of cocaine weighing a total of 39 kilos in baggage and officers from Spain’s Guardia Civil took the crew member into custody, a police spokesman in Seville said, adding that “the whole bag was filled with drugs” according to the FT.

The airman had arrived in Spain on Tuesday afternoon in the airplane coming from Brazil, which later in the day departed for Japan with the rest of the crew on board.


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