Texas Mom Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Son in Game of “Chicken” With SUV

A woman in Houston was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide for allegedly running her three-year-old son over with an SUV during a game of “chicken.” Harris County prosecutors say surveillance video shows Lexus Stagg, 26, reversing her Lincoln Navigator as her three children ran toward the front of the car. The video then shows the car moving forward toward the children. Two of them managed to get out of the SUV’s path, but one was struck by the car.

“She was in her car and her children were playing in front of her in the parking lot. She put her car into reverse, and drove at least 100 feet,” said Sean Teare, head prosecutor of vehicular crimes for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. “The three kids followed her, followed the car, at which point, the defendant put her car into drive and drove toward her children as they were running toward her. The two older children were able to get out of the way, and tragically, the younger child was not and was run over by two of her tires.”


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