Let’s Move Cuba Towards Democratic Socialism

A government agenda that reflects the proposal for democratic socialism should stem from a much-needed change: remove Lenin from the equation.

First of all. Not ha ghost, or utopia or storming Heaven. It’s a government agenda, not a plan to change to world. This is nothing new either. It has existed and continues to exist in Europe, with greater or less emphasis elsewhere, without the need for barricades, anthems and flags. The rest is just noise and ignorance, and ignorance is the weapon of con artists.

The best thing to do is start off with clear boundaries. Being in favor of an agenda that promotes social justice, where the government and State contribute to improving the social and economic conditions of the poor, doesn’t mean that you support forced nationalization, the creation of a Communist party, establishing the so-called “dictatorship of the proletariat” and shooting down bankers and business owners.


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