Is Cuba On the Verge of a New Special Period?

“A new Special Period is on the horizon” is the word on the street. People are afraid because in spite of current shortages and how hard it is just to get by, many people remember that that was a particularly dark time in modern day Cuban history.

Nobody was expecting it that time. In spite of foreign wars, repression, absolute censorship, limited freedoms and living in constant fear, the poorest Cubans still managed to live off their wages up until then. The country was traveling on board a Soviet ship, which suddenly sank and everything came crashing down as a result.

The world saw it coming, but in a Cuba cut off from the rest of the world, almost nobody knew about the Perestroika or Glasnost, the last death rattles of the then USSR. because Soviet publications had been censored in Cuba in the late ‘80s. We were cruelly trapped.


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