Dominican Republic: Suspected of ordering attack in which he was wounded David Ortíz was arrested in 2011 for heroin trafficking

 Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez , indicated by the authorities as the intellectual author of the attack in which the Dominican expelotero David Ortíz was wounded , was arrested in January 2011 in an apartment in the Piantini sector with 3.7 kilos of heroin.

On that occasion, Gómez Vásquez was arrested along with Manuel E. Leonora Rijo (El Gringo), the American Sharon Gómez, Eladio Santiago Martínez (Jhony) and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Rosario (Melvín).

In this opportunity, he was accused of being part of a gang that was involved in the trafficking of large amounts of cocaine and heroin.


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